BUY LOCAL-Beware USAA Car Buying Service and TRUE CAR-their provider



We should NEVER have used the USAA Car Buying Service to purchase my husband's truck on August 15th. After only 12 days, the truck broke down. And another 9 days later, it broke down again. Both resulted in towing expenses for us and the truck's still in the service department at our local Ford dealership for repairs...the total so far in repairs is close to $4,000. Not to mention the LOST WORK and WAGES for my husband's business. USAA and their Car Buying Service Provider, True Car, won't do anything to help us get satisfaction from the dealership we purchased the truck from in Georgia...4 1/2 hours away from our home and they took our hard-earned money. USAA might be able to take them off their car buying service but we've been providing information for over 2 weeks and they still haven't done that. WE SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT FROM A LOCAL DEALER. Don't use the service unless you have plenty of money in case you get ripped off like we did.


How is it USAA's responsibility that you unfortunately purchased a "bad" truck? USAA doesn't inspect the vehicles for you, they help get a lower price. Redirect your anger in the right direction. I used the Car Buying Service and got an outstanding deal in my new car.

You talk like you work for USAA car buying service. They did not help me get a better deal on the car. Now iam with a broken car that i have purshased after driveg it for less than 5hours in total.

Also I would like to add that you may just need to research the lemon law in your state. Attorney General office for your state is where to start.
Good Luck and keep good records of your expenses.

Donald and Lisa,

I am so sorry to hear about your car troubles. Please send us your information using this form (please make sure to include the best way to contact you) so we can have someone reach out to you to see if we can assist. Thank you for taking the time to comment and please keep us posted on the progress of your truck repairs. Thank you both for your service.

I agree. I just did a write up on the HORRIBLE experience I had with the USAA Car Buying Service. I, too, lost thousands of dollars in my deal. The dealership pushed me into a car that was more money than I wanted to spend. They convinced me by giving me it was the best vehicle for me by giving me completely erroneous information on the vehicle's capabilities. It was dumb of me to not fact-check, but I had a level of trust for the dealership because they were on the certified dealers list. From now on, I will just research the dealers myself. I have done much better on my own than I did with the True Car. By the way, apparently, USAA gets a cut of every purchase that is made through their Car Buying Service so there you have it. Why would they take a dealership off their list that is making them money? It is disgraceful!

Everyone has a choice.  You forget that you the buyer has the ultimate responsibility to buy a vehicle within your means.  If you feel pushed, just walk out.  Only 8% of the people who walk out will return.  They know it, and that is why they will try to sell you what they have in inventory.  You can factory order as well.  I've done this twice and once walked away from purchasing the vehicle when they tried to bully me into buying an extended warranty and a bounch of other useless stuff for the vehicle.  They they tried to tell me they sold my vehicle (I used as a trade in w/o me turning over the title).  I called the state police and had the finance person arrested for grand theft auto.  I walked away with my car 30 minutes later and din't drop the charges.  They were reduced to attempted grand larency.


You can always say no.  If you don't excercise that right, you have only yourself to blame.  Know what you want and stick to your guns.  If you don't, everyone will always walk all over you. Heck, you can do what one of my brothers did at a VW dealership in the late 70's, he raised his voice so all the customers could hear him state the sales person was ripping him off.  They sold him the vehicle at the price he wanted to pay just to shut him up.

lol. youre my hero 

@Alicia I completely agree. Almost the same thing happened to me. Found car at local dealer using service. Car not on site, nobody has knowledge of its existence. (should have left then) Sales-person recommends another car. I take the deal, thinking that the Service has some position of trust with this dealer. Six months later, car makes horrible noises (needs powertrain repair ~$3K Car no longer driveable, dealer won't return calls. Posted non-accusatory/non-inflamtory 1-star review focusing on details, which was removed a few days later. I see almost all 5-star reviews for the sevice going back months, but that just doesn't make any sense... I don't know what to do. I am $14K in the hole with a car I can't drive and a $3K hurdle to getting it fixed. I understand, now, why I see Vets sleeping under a bridge in downtown Seattle.