Apparently USAA sends everyone that pays off a loan a letter that says the state has an Electronic title if you live in a state that has them.  The letter instructs you to contact the state to get a paper title ---  I have confirmed that the same letter goes out to everyone regardless of whether USAA actually has a paper title or not.  As I was waiting for the state of Texas to send a paper title, after three weeks I finally called the state.  After a 45 minute hold, I discovered that Texas never had had an electronic title.  It took 32 minutes with USAA to discover that they sent the paper title (after having told us in a letter that they did not have it) to our old address.  They have had our correct address for 14 months, But they don't care about that, they just send it wherever.  I have a serious breach of contract problem with the people who bought our vehicle because I cannot come up with the title after all this time.  USAA basically says oh well, go to the state and ask for a duplicate.  We can't help since we are no longer the lien holder.  BEWARE! 


dmfjhg, Thank you for the information. We will have a expert look into this issue and conduct a follow up with you. ~Jen

Spent more time on the phone today with a rude, lecturing, escalating jerk in USAA title section today. Just kept telling me to go to the state. I finally got him to give the information I needed "title my way". I finally just hung up on him. After all these years we are firing USAA after this kerfuful, especially after remembering they did this same thing last year with a boat title sent it to the old address after they had a valid change of address. USAA is not what it once was and not what it claims to be now. They are hostile, sloppy, and uncaring. Looking at all the negative reviews and information about them on the web had been eye opening.