Infantry Drill SGT

The Manager of this location refered to USSA as a third party vendor and they are not responsible for what they advertise in their car buying services.  I went online to USAA Car Buying Services and found a car being sold by BMW of Columbia.  After requesting a quote from the delaership I was directed by the USAA site ti file for finacing, which I did.  In the mean time I got a phone call whic I misssed, followed by a voice message a text message and email from Alberto Gonzalez from BWM of Columbia telling me that the car was available.  I decided to print the Dealer Funding Request and spoke to the insurance department to have the car insured if I decide to buy it.  Well I drove to the dealer to find out the car was sold a while back.  I got terrible custumer service at BMW of Columbia and the manager didnt seem to care about USAA customers.  


The best way to make BMW of Columbia care is to send a letter (or email) to BMW USA and let them know about your experience. Dealers quotas for being able to order cars--is based on customer satisfaction (sales or service).  I bought 3 BMWs in the past 18yrs and always always been reminded that my reviews about a BMW dealership can impact their ability to order new vehicles. Good luck. 

Hello Infantry Drill SGT! I appreciate you taking the time to provide this feedback. I will submit your concerns to a subject matter expert who will reach out to you once research on this issue has been completed. ~ Samantha