I used the Auto Circle services to sell my car. Received an offer from Truecar/Autogroup and based on that offer I purchased and financed my other car with USAA. When I took my car to Autogroup w they resented their offer and told me me was because I posted it wrong. The fact is they did not do their due diligence on the VIN number. I am now stuck with two cars and two car payments which has caused me a lot of stress!! Took this all the way to CEO office and sadly they sided w Truecar/Autogroup. After 28 years with them I am now moving all my banking and insurance needs to Navy Federal Credit Union.


I'm sorry to hear that the offer to purchase your vehicle was rescinded due to a concern with the VIN. If there was a discrepancy with the model, it definitely would impact the offer you received for your vehicle. As you stated your concern was escalated and reviewed by our CEO Member Relations. Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with an alternative resolution regarding your concern. Thank you! - Darrell