I spent hours on the phone with USAA yesterday. I was blind transferred multiple time and was on hold for over an hour.

My daughter has two at fault accidents on her record. Only one was her fault. I called yesterday to get a letter documenting this. It makes our rates high and she should t have to be penalized for someone tboning HER.

USAA refuses to send me the document. They sent me another email showing that she was at fault. When she was in the accident, we provided proof from the police report that the accident was not her fault.

I talked to multiple people yesterday at USAA. None of them would provide this document. Is this the way we treat our military now?

I posted on the USAA Facebook page, and those posts must be censored. How ridiculous! My daughter deserves to have her driving record corrected and a letter showing that this accident was not her fault would help in correcting the damage USAA has already done.


Hi DisgruntledFamily, I'm sorry to hear about your daughters accident and I do show that she was not at fault for one of the accidents. I do show that we have a task in the file to send the letter you are requesting and I can reach out to the claims specialist to make sure the letter is approved and sent within the next 1-2 business days. we apologize for the delay and will have something out to you shortly.