Awful Experience with a USAA "certified" dealer

I experienced awful service at Moore Cadillac in Chantilly, VA because of an entirely incompetent finance director. I worked with Farid on financing, and despite my repeated calls to Cadillac, a voicemail message to Farid, and email directly to Farid, all of which were ignored, Farid managed completely botch my financing by submitting the incorrect loan amount to USAA, making my monthly payments significantly higher. Moore Cadillac had to refund USAA the entire amount of the incorrectly submitted loan to correct its error, forcing me to start over, and unnecessarily dinging my credit. After hours of time wasted on the phone with Cadillac, I was the big loser. Cadillac did absolutely NOTHING to correct their employees incompetence. The manager was involved and was of no help. They wasted my time, lowered my credit score, and I am overall extremely unhappy with how I was treated. Moore Cadillac is listed as a USAA certified dealer, and this designation needs to be revoked immediately. They are miserable to work with, and they damaged my personal financial situation as a result of sheer incompetence.


MRichter, I am sorry to hear of your recent experience with purchasing a vehicle. I know that buying a car can be stressful and we always want the process to be as smooth as possible for our members. I have shared your comment with the appropriate area and they will review. If there is ever anything else that USAA can help with please let us know. - Janay