Awesome 2012 Vespa LXV - 190cc - Green - $4250.00




I am selling my 2012 LXV Piaggio Vespa. It has the vintage style body with leather seats and mint green paint. The engine has been upgraded from 150cc to a Malossi 190cc engine for added pickup and speed. It is a great scooter that goes up to +65 mph (55 mph if 2 people are riding on it). Also included is a matching medium sized helmet and teal green accent lighting (can be switched on and off inside the glove box). It only has 2555 miles on it and runs wonderfully! I used it often when living in Florida, but haven't gotten out enough here in Texas due to time, etc. The price is $4250.

Here is a link to this scooter on Piaggio's website for specs:

This is a great deal, brand new the scooter is $6200 (after TTT)
Matching Helmet $90
Lighting Kit $100
Upgraded Engine $450 (not including installation)


Serious inquiries only - xxxxxxx or xxxxxxx


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This Vespa is sold, can you tell me how to remove my post for others.  Thank You!



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