Awaiting response from usaa CEO for >1 week...

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Still eagerly awaiting response to share with other members.


Begin forwarded message:

Date: January 31, 2018 at 10:31:09 PM GMT+7
Subject: USAA nonresponse, censorship, disrespect


Mr Parker:

As a 14-yr USAA member, I am writing to ask you, as USAA CEO, to please instruct all USAA employees to please stop saying “thank you for trusting USAA” since USAA cannot be trusted. Instead, USAA rewards long-term membership with disrespect, perpetual nonresponse, and censorship.


BM, DS, ER, GK, AW, CS and the entirely nonresponsive, censoring USAA Community Managers should all be fired immediately.


USAA could not care less that the only reason I was still driving my own car on Dec 21, when hit by an at-fault elderly driver ticketed on scene, was because I was trying to save USAA money by waiting for loaner car from my body shop, for belated repair of hit and run that DC police had failed to pursue for months. USAA waited ten days to authorize initial repairs by email/phone, which should not take nearly that long; my complaints about USAA slowness and apathy were all contemporaneously documented. It was not until almost 3 weeks post-collision that USAA (Capkovic) even bothered to see car in-person, only so that USAA could refuse supplemental repairs and callously total my car bc fastest and cheapest course of action for USAA.

USAA (Schilling, Robertson, Matthieson) then could not stop gloating about how USAA would fully recover its payout to me through two subrogation, even crassly specifying exactly how many pennies would be recovered from each of two insurance companies, despite my repeated reminders that I did not want or need to hear how USAA would get its money back. USAA is the hated relative who never cared at all about the departed but shows up at funeral only to brag about inheritance, without even pretending to express condolences. USAA made absolutely no effort to help me understand process, timeline, options and/or consequences; I was forced to turn to other sources for any information that someone thrust into this difficult position would want to know.


Until January 9 2018, neither USAA not my shop had remotely suggested that USAA would refuse to authorize repairs to car that I still loved and which had no mechanical problems. One evening, USAA advised that it was reconsidering its unilateral total loss declaration and had a few questions for me, which were then never conveyed, even as I texted USAA from work throughout next day. Another USAA employee told me that she had also heard very negative comments about USAA’s total loss dept and advised me to contact Executive Relations, operator did not know where to direct me. Apparently she meant “Advocacy Relations,” which has expressed no interest in either “advocating” or “resolving” anything. Mr Matthieson only exacerbated ill will toward USAA by limited response (not even bothering to respond to most phone calls), making absolutely no concerted effort to make amends, not bothering to read any of my previous messages, only parroting the total loss dept and even recommitting their same offenses.

At least my body shop tried to help me bc I had been going there for so long and to retain my business. USAA’s indifference to my repeated request for timely inspection cost me decreases in 2017 inventory and missed opportunities for additional end-of-year savings.

USAA’s totally adversarial posture has caused me nothing but stress, aggravation, frustration, anger, and regret for having entrusted USAA with so much of my business for the past 14 years. Otherwise USAA has not bothered to even pretend to care about any of my posts on USAA community, where other members have expressed similar concerns. USAA’s only response was censorship, which USAA never denied during the several days that I was repeatedly writing to USAA about its suppression of member free speech about USAA.

I am requesting personal and direct written response from you (not delegated and/or contrived) about what all of this says about USAA’s appreciation of long term membership.

Thank you for your time and attention.


"Fire this co",

When you have an issue with USAA that you feel strongly about and you want to discuss it with a relatively senior person at USAA here is your best option.

Call in to USAA Banking and explain to the rep that you would like to speak to a member of the "USAA Executive Resolution Team" in the "USAA Front Office". They will forward you to that office. When one of them answer, confirm you are talking to the right office.

As you see in my post below I already spoke to Kerri in that office a couple of weeks ago and she was very professional, cooperative, and understanding. We had a very nice discussion. She also mentioned to me as a side note that depending on the issue they can move an issue into the CEO front office, if it qualifies.

May I add, I noticed that the administrators on this forum are starting to leave a post when they move a post so the member knows where his post was moved to. Let's hope that practice remains in place.

Hope that helps.


Discussion with USAA Front Office on Deleting Posts
Stand United
2 weeks ago

USAA Social Media Office / Social Service Office,

Earlier this morning I spoke to Kerri who is a member of the USAA Executive Resolution Team in the USAA Front Office.

I expressed my concern that two of my recent posts on this community forum were deleted with no explanation. One of the posts was a simple question asking when the 1099-INT tax forms, which show how much interest you earned for the previous tax year, will be available. There was no personal info in the post and I even put a thank you at the end of the post and for some reason that post was deleted.

We all want to comply with community forum guidelines and Kerri agreed with my point that if your Social Media office is going to delete a post there should be some form of explanation to the member as to why it was deleted either as a reply to the post in question or with a comment to the member in his private in-box. I just wanted to share this discussion with you.

Thank You

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Dude, get over it.  USAA is not able not interested in changing.  Move on.

I have been over it for a long time dude. You and I are on the same sheet of music. The member seemed to really want to communicate to the front office and I was just telling him or her the best way to do it.

Mr. Parker:


I'm sorry to report that USAA has offered no apology for repeatedly causing offense to long-standing member and continues to do just that.  


In January, I informed USAA that USAA was only exacerbating stress prior to extended international travel.  On January 26, USAA sent settlement offer of $7147.34, but I was waiting for USAA to respond to multiple issues that I have also brought to your attention and immediately conveyed that to USAA, receiving no response from you or the claims center.  It was not until after I left the country that USAA sent certified mail (dated February 2, totally inaccessible to me) dictating that I would be responsible for any storage charges after feb 9, demanding my reply by Feb 16, and essentially reducing its settlement offer from $7147.34 to $6260.70.  

I actually contacted opposing insurance just because USAA has been so insensitive and offensive.  Even opposing insurance nicely contacted me by email to see if I was still on travel but was careful not to start making demands while I was away, has conveyed sympathy about sudden loss of transportation, and so on.  
USAA's recent and ongoing offenses, coupled with continued nonresponse and nonapology, indicate that it is fully undeserving of member support.  

Response to other members:  I actually did contact "Executive (or Advocacy) Resolutions/Relations" (BM), which took days to return calls, completely unhelpful, only parroted the total loss dept, and was definitely not committed to resolving anything.  That's why I escalated to USAA CEO, who also clearly does not care about members and/or repeated offenses caused by company under his oversight.  


Forum administrators have  not bothered to respond to any of my posts -- longstanding USAA members are only ignored and screwed over.  

@Fire this co,

Forum administrators are just the front line defense--or barrier--in my view. This institution has gotton so big and probably received so many complaints that it either doesn't care or has no clue how to resolve them. Have to agree with another commentor--members need to get over it--or stop being lazy or move to another institution that really cares. That's what I ended up doing with all my banking/investment products. My kids followed me.

@usaf_ret, where did you take your business? I’m ripe to move auto insurance, credit card, all banking to companies that actually deserve and appreciate my business. But in the meantime, usaa ceo just as offensive as subordinates by refusing to correct and/or apologize for USAA’s myriad offenses to date. USAA/Parker incapable of learning from mistakes and wasted feedback.

I too have been on hold forever and waiting for a call from the Executive Resolution Office to explain why, after 43 years as a cutomer, was having my auto policies terminated.  Termination cited two of my minor speeding tickets, two minor accidents of my daughter which resulted in a liscence suspension .....all over two years ago.  The AXE came when myself and another senior were simultaneously backing out of our stalls at a grocery store, each not seeing the other and we crunched rear quarter panel.  Damage was Prius had zero.....other car $300.   Again, a customer for 43 YEARS.


TO ALL CONCERNED:  Got estimates from State Farm and American Family.  American Familyi Insurance for same coverage  ALMOST EXACTLY the same price as USAA for three cars and home......slightly less if paid annual vs monthly.  THE BEST PART:  THE CUSTOMER TALKS FACE TO FACE (or by phone) TO A REAL PERSON.








Thank you for over 43 years of membership.  Please know we take your concerns regarding your policy very seriously, and I have escalated your situation to our CEO Member Relations Team who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns.  ~Mike