I replaced a 2021 Honda Pilot with a 2021 RAV4 back in October.  When I called to update the policy, I was told my premium will drop some, and I recieved a small prorated refund.  The Representative said my premiums will be less with the RAV4 than with the Pilot.  The new policy for Jan 2021 to Jul 2021 was posted, and of course the policy increased again - not really a surprise since it goes up every policy period.  What struck me was the increase in Bodily Injury.  For the RAV4 it increased by more than $53.00.  I spoke with a representative last Friday and she told me the RAV4 had an inferior safety rating, which I found odd since the RAV4 has a 5 star rating. I called again this morning and the Representative stated he didn't know why because it is calculated by the underwriters.  So, who is telling the truth?  At one time, USAA insurance was affordable; it no longer is.  The more the company has grown, the greater the premium increases for both auto and home owners policy.  I'm just not as pleased with USAA as I once was.  Just another large company like State Farm and others.  I built my home back in 2011 and since then, my home owners premiums have doubled and not one claim on my part. I'm retired and my wife is retiring.  We're reaching the point where we will be priced out.


Hello @Maidese and thank you for your USAA membership.  We certainly understand your concerns about increases that have appeared on your auto and home policies.  There are many factors that can affect the premium from claims trends to increasing medical costs as well as increased rates to labor and materials.  I certainly get your concerns about safety ratings and increases to certain coverages of your auto policy.  We truly appreciate your claims free history and your due diligence in choosing a safe vehicle for you and your family.  I have forwarded your experience to the appropriate team to further review and engage if needed after it has been received and reviewed.  ~Marco

Shop around.  USAA can easily be beaten on everything they offer.  USAA is not the company it once was.