Automobile Insurance Policy: Storage Policy

Please be aware that if during extended  absences you put your  car in "Storage Mode" because it is not being driven there is a problem getting your car insurance reactivated in a timely manner so you can drive your vehicle(s).  It was not made clear to me that it takes 24 hours to restart your driving coverages.  Since I did not know this and since USAA is closed on Sunday, I can not drive my cars legally until 12:01 AM (tomorrow).  Thus, If I want groceries I must bum a ride or use commercial transportation.  After 37 years with USAA I am very disappointed in not having adequate weekend coverage.  When I have called in the past it was during a weekday and coverage was started immediately, as you would expect, not the next day.  Yes, I could have planned better....but still!


Hello @unhappy customer 55, I'm sorry for the trouble you've experienced while taking your vehicles out of storage. Can you please send us a private message and I'll be happy to help provide more info and get your policy updated so you can get back on the road with the coverage's you need. -Lori