Delayed Neutron
Once again USAA total loss claims disappoints and shows disrespect to 40+ year member and veteran. During a phone call to advocate for my daughter, also a USAA member for over 10 years, the claims ageant hangs up the phon at the point he no longer wants to listen to me. Also there appears to be no arbitration process for claim settlements outside of spending your own money to hire lawyers and dispute USAA settlement offers. USAA Insurance Department customer service has been in toilet for years now. Always seems to be same poor experience. Apparently CEO does not care. I filed complaint with NC DOI a few years back about similar level of service from automobile insurance department. Only after NC DOI notified USAA CEO office did I get any response, and was contacted by a person friend m CEO office who listened to me for over an hour. Obviously nothing has changed and USAA continues to hire representative who have no respect for the members.


@Delayed Neutron, I regret to hear about your frustration with your daughter's auto claim.  We never want you or your daughter to feel unsatisfied with a claim.  I asked a business specialist to research her claim matter further and to follow up with her as well.  They will be reaching out within 2 to 3 business days.  Thanks ~ Robert.