Subflot 1

I live in Pennsylvania which is # 2 in deer versus auto collisions. I'm sure insurance companies recognize this exposure and charge a little extra for comprehensive damage.

When I purchased my * Runner I spent $750 installing a Westin grill guard to prevent the extensive damage a deer collision would produce to my vehicles front end. This expendature benefits my insurance company (USAA) and I was wondering if such a modification deserves some sort of rate adjustment.

Insurance companies give discounts for all sorts of things like automatic seat belts and other safety features, why not for something that will lessen their exposure to major damage?


Hi Subflot 1, we are always open to suggestions and I appreciate you sharing this one about a savings for installing a grill guard. I'll be sure to share with the proper area for any future consideration. Thank you! -Marisa

I’m an adjuster and I’ll be honest it doesn’t make a difference. You won’t get a discount. In fact any aftermarket piece of anything you put on your vehicle brings the value down dramatically when an insurance company tries to sell the vehicle for salvage, at an auction. It also makes it more expensive to fix if it does get damaged. I guess if it made you feel better to have it on your vehicle that’s all that matters.