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This complaint is about the Auto Insurance Policy dept.:

I’m tired of USAA committing insurance fraud. This is the second time they’re lowering our rental reimbursement before we make a claim. When we set up our policy, we always set up our rental for the maximum reimbursement, i.e. large SUV, and whenever we make a claim they lower it to midsize. I didn’t know that policies can change like that. They did it last time. Is the only to rectify this to go through State of Texas Auto Insurance Fraud. USAA claims they’re pro military, but they’re not, because executives and upper management will not take the time to talk to you.

They don’t make their contact information available, so the only people you can speak to are representatives, and they say you’re wasting time speaking to management, because they’re going to say the same thing. The only option left to me is to file a complaint with whatever state you’re from.

You don’t have to take my word, just read what others have to say on the message boards. I’m tired of setting up my policy and just having them change my policy without my permission.

I wish an executive would take the time to read this but it looks like they could care less. They sit in their office and just make 7+ figures to benefit themselves, not the military service members.

If I don’t hear back from someone soon, I’m going to the Texas Dept. of Insurance.


@chiefan, I am sorry to hear about the accident and the frustration you're having with the rental reimbursement coverage.  I asked a business specialist to research your situation further and to follow up with you as soon as possible.  Thanks ~ Robert.

Rental reimbursement is on a dollar basis not a size of the vehicle basis.    Generally you'll get $30/day for 30 days with a limit of $900 per claim (or something like that policies vary and you can choose the amount). 

However the Texas Department of Insurance is a great agency and they can answer questions for you and take a complaint as well.  Insurance companies take their state regulators inquiries very, very seriously. 

That said it may be the rental car company giving you the short end of the stick.  You don't have to use the one USAA recomments (Enterprise I think, I don't care for enterprise).  Call around and ask for a good rate.  Many companies will direct bill the insurance company, but if they don't you can pay and get reimbursed up to your policy limit (the 30/day $900 per claim or whatever yours is). 

Now the USAA management team is ignoring me

@chiefan, I show that on Friday afternoon, Robert escalated your situation to the CEO Member Relations department to review further. They will be reaching out to you within 2-3 business days to discuss your concerns. Thank you.