Auto payment and safe driving

I needed some help setting up auto payment and the safe pilot so I can save some money
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Hello @Stowdy, thank you for your membership with USAA and wanting to add some savings to your auto insurance.  There is a few options to assist you with setting up auto payment as well as signing up for the SafePilot app.  Each can be done online via and completed within a few mins, or initiating a secured chat with our specialists online, or by reaching out to our specialists via phone at 800-531-8722.  


SafePilot Online Options:

1.  Enter 

2.  Click "Enroll" and enter the information needed.

3.  Complete Form to Continue


Setting Up Automatic Payments Online:  

1.  On HomePage, select Auto Insurance Policy.  

2.  Locate and click on locate Tile "View& Pay Bill" to open Billing page. 

3.  On billing page, click on "Set Up Automatic Payments".  

3.  Fill out information and Submit. 


I hope these instructions are able to assist you in getting you enrolled into USAA SafePilot as well as getting set up on your automatic payments.  Thank you for your membership with USAA and if we can further assist, please let us know.  ~Marco