So I am looking at a new car.  I am approved for amounts way higher than I would ever spend on a car.  The problem is I know I am going to be a bit upside down on my current trade in.  However nowhere in any of the loan info does USAAsay what the maximum loan to value ratio is for a car, whther new or used.  So I have no idea if I need to put 5 dollars down or 5000 dollars down to make it work.  I am ready to buy as of friday but since I can't get an aswer on this anywhere whether on the website or based on the fact USAA does not have reps working on weekends there is no way I know if I should even waste my time going to get the car.  I would look like an idiot going in and buying something for less than the approved amount and then having it denied or some crazy down payment required.


So I guess my question is since everybody knows there is a maximum loan to value ratio on any loan why is USAA hiding it from us so we can't make informed decisions.  Yet another let down by USAA.


Hi RetiredSFC, I understand your concern about the auto loan process. I've forwarded your inquiry to a loan specialist for further handling. They will follow up with you with the requested information. Thank you for your patience. - Ben

No need to follow up, I will not be using USAA for the loans.  In fact if they just want to remove the approval from my accounts that would be fine.  The dealer financing is by far more transparent I was never left guessing if they were or were not going to approve the loan after I obtained approval like with USAA.  Also EVERY other financing option had an interest rate that was at least 1% lower than USAA, so not only was I left hanging on wether or not I could do what I planned with USAA since information is not able to be obtained, had I used USAA I would be paying more because your rates are higher.


If you look at my account history you will see this is what my 3rd or 4th time since being a member that I started going with a USAA loan only to go with someone else because they are faster, more transparent and cost less in interest.  This was the last time I will consider using USAA for an auto loan, you have sucessfully lost my business as a loan customer.

Thank you for your reply and additional feedback, RetiredSFC. Your feedback is important to us, and we regret to see that you will not consider USAA for future loan business. I will be sharing your comments with the appropriate area for further consideration. Thank you for your membership. -Meredith