I made principal only payment of about half the amount of my car loan. When I look on my USAA app days later the payment is there but the amount of payments needed to pay off car haven't changed. Shouldn't I be paying for quite a bit less time?


JdLove - Thanks for your post. I have located your information. I will review the situation and contact you shortly. I appreciate you reaching out to us today. - Jason

JDLove - Given the time of day on a Sunday, I was not able to call to discuss your account. I sent a detailed message to the secure message center. You can access it by logging on, clicking your name, then Inbox, then My Messages. Please feel free to contact us again should you have any additional questions. - Jason

I appreciate you attempting to find out info about my loan. However the message I received in the app basically says "we don't know but when you pay enough it will say zero" Yeah of course it will but I contacted my loan holder for info not my neighbor you should have more info than that.

JdLove - I regret hearing that the message did not contain enough detailed information. Please know that for security, we cannot discuss account information via the Member Community page. We can continue the conversation via the message you received, however. Thanks, Jason

I have responded there as well. No one has gotten back to me yet.

Hey there JD Love. I will be happy to review this in further detail. To be clear on what you are needing and make sure I am understanding, I have sent you a response on usaa.com. Please respond so I can research further. ~Jen