This is a bit ridiculous. I purchased a used vehicle that was financed through a USAA Auto Loan. I provided the dealer with the electronic payment instructions as provided by USAA. The dealer dutifully faxed all required materials and the loan was originated within 3 days with payments starting a month later. The funding instructions indicated that the dealership would be paid within 6 business days. USAA sent a check through US postal service and I get a call from the dealer asking where his money is. This is embarrassing, to say the least. If this is how USAA intends to conduct business with auto loans, you're going to find dealers refusing to use your electronic payment instructions and people like myself won't use the bank for auto loans. 


Hey USAA... 1974 called and suggested you learn about this thing called electronic banking and the automated clearing house (ACH). 


@gbr_huskers, This is certainly not how we want our members to feel when conducting business with us.  We are sorry to hear of this situation and will be having an account expert review this further.