So I get a loan check from usaa, the seller recieved it and his bank says it fraudulent, they are sending it to the fraud department. We agree to cancel the deal and the seller is acting really sketchy, I don't know where the check is. Usaa will not put a stop payment and tell me I responsible for the loan amount unless they get a check back. I tell them I have to consider it losf or stolen because the seller doesn't have it and I can't trust that his bank has it. Long story short they tell me basically nothing they can do to protect me and they need the check back to cancel the loan out. Also some service reps told me they would cancel it all out and then they call back telling me they cant.


Dear Member,


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community. I have passed along your information to a Bank specialist who will be able to access your Member account and contact you directly. Please do let me know how things go and if there is anything else I can assist you with here in Community.

I think you're being lied to by whomever sold you the car.  


If the check has been paid there is no way USAA can stop payment on it as it can't go back in time.   It can request the funds from the recipient's bank but if they're not there they can't get them. 


USAA should know if the check was paid. 


I have no idea why a bank would say a check from USAA is fraudulent.  I have no idea why the seller wouldn't return the check to you.  


I'm not sure that USAA can be responsible if you bought a car from a crook.   Don't give him the title until you get the check.