Recently I applied for auto loan. Although I was approved with over a 710 credit score and ZERO DEBT except for home loan and a history of auto loans through USSA always paid off early and always on time. The lowest APR they would give me was a 9.9%. Long story short I went out side USSA and was given a 3.2% on the same loan from a local bank.
Very disappointed in USSA for not taking care of this very loyal member! I will no longer give my auto loan business to USSA and USSA will no longer be my one stop shopping provider.




It's never our intention to disappoint our members. We strive to meet each of our members needs and I regret we were unable to do so this time. Your feedback regarding this matter is appreciated and will be shared with our team in efforts to make improvements with our products and services. Thank you. - Rhonda