I currently have a auto loan with SSFCU but i really am not happy with this vehical and i want to turn it in to the bank. i still owe 24,000 and if i try to trade it in i will be upside down on payments. Will this hurt me if i try to get a new loan with USAA after turning in the car to SSFCU?



jackie1228, Because we look at many factors for loans there is not a way for us to post an accurate response here. My best recommendation is to contact our new loans department at 210-531-8722 and a representative can review general concerns with the application. I have also reached out to our Financial Advice area to see if they could provide some assistance with your inquiry. 


Please keep in mind that we consider many factors when reviewing applications for credit, such as your credit profile, ability to repay debt, and payment history. Prior to applying for the loan I would encourage you to review your credit report, if you haven't done so in over a year, to help determine if there are concerns that you may not be aware of listed on the reports. You may request a copy of your credit reports for free at www.annualcreditreport.com. ~Michelle


I'll answer it since USAA won't come out and tell you--but just beat around the bush.


So you're not happy with a vehicle you bought (using SSFCU's money) and want to give it to them--and you're wondering if it will hurt your chances of getting a new consumer loan. 


What do you think? You signed an agreement to pay back the money you borrowed from SSFCU (members) and now you want to default on it??  The best thing you can do is try to sell it for the amount you still owe and pay back the lender--SSFCU. If you don't, chances are your lender will report it (rightfully so) to the credit bureau and you'll probably have a tough time getting another loan. Don't do it. Fulfill the agreement you signed (promissory note) saying that you would pay them back. It's not their fault you don't like the car. They didn't buy it for you.