Has anyone else had an increase with your auto premium?mine increased by $60 a month...


@BeeJan, I had an opportunity to review your policy increase. So that we can discuss the details with you, please give us a call or chat with a specialist online by selecting your policy and clicking "Contact USAA" on the top right-hand corner. For privacy and security reasons, I am unable to discuss account specific information through this channel. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you. -Cynthia  

Yep it happens, but USAA is not unique. Make sure to shop around. Most insurance companies look for opportunities to increase rates. It's nothing personal, its business.


I had USAA for the longest time, moved around a lot, and always enjoyed great rates. Then when I got out of the Army I moved to Connecticut from Washington state. My rates shot up. When I called, the reason given was that Connecticut was a higher risk state or whatever...so higher rates. Okay, shopped around and found a rate similar to my old USAA rate from Geico. I have been with them ever since even though I check back with USAA and several other insurers every six months or so.


The funny thing is several years ago I moved back down to my home state of Georgia, where I had enjoyed great rates from USAA before. Guess what? Rates are still not competitive...


USAA is a great company, and its customer service deserves some premium. But don't just blindly payout to USAA because it's what you have always done. 

@jmcdonald, we appreciate you checking back with us every so often. I'm sorry to hear our rates have not been competitive for you. We do periodically review them in an effort to remain competitive and we look forward to providing you a quote again in the near future. Thank you. -Cynthia