Jon Reintges
I am working on an open claim where my truck was hit by someone when I was not in it and they just took off. I filed the claim and had everything done and was told that the claim came with a rental car. When I was trying to set up the rental USAA (holder of almost all of my banking business) said that I could not drop off the truck the night before and get the rental unless I paid for it myself for one day. I live in rural VA and have to work from 7 till 4 and the truck appointment is at 8 AM on a Tuesday and more than 20 miles from where I work in the opposite direction from my house. So unless I take time off of work I will be responsible for the rental car for any time that my car is not being worked on according to the agent that called me today. What kind of scam is this where you pay lots of money for insurance and when it comes time to use it you either have to pay more money or loose money just so you can have something that is supposed to be part of the claim? This is my first issue with USAA and it has left a very bad taste in my mouth of this company!
Signed a very upset customer


@JonReintges, I am sorry to hear that this claim experience has left a sour taste.  While that's not our intention, we clearly fell short in meeting your service expectations.  I located your account and am escalating your concerns to a subject matter expert for prompt handling. - Ina

I'd suggest find a new insurance company.  They have screwed me and many others over in regards to the claim process.  Especially when the only place you can put a complaint is in the community forum.  Good Luck!