As a retired 68 year old veteran of the US Army, Vietnam War, who drives 8 to 10 thousand miles a year I was extremely disappointed with a quote of 1300.00 for six months of car insurance for my 3 vehicles, 3,15, and 24 years old. I currently am insured for 900.00 for 6 months with another company. Why do you advertise wonderful savings for USAA members and the loyalty USAA members share. I feel very disrespected for my military service and Veteran status. I only wanted collison coverage on the newer car, 1000 dollar deductables. 


Hello @retiredmx. Thank you for your service and for considering USAA to be your auto insurance provider! We have received your post and would like to address your concerns. I've sent you a private message so I can start reviewing this quote with you. To locate this message, click on your profile name in the upper right hand of the page and then the "envelope icon." There we will be able to initiate a detailed discussion. Thank you for reaching out! ~ Steven