I was in an auto accident in April, 2018.  The only way I received information regarding my claim was by calling USAA.  It is now August 2018 and just found out my county has charged me for my personal property tax because they think I still own the car.  It was a total loss in the accident, so why would USAA not want to communicate to me with regarding my claim.

Highly disappointed with your service and communications



Hello @Silas, I am sorry to hear of the lack of communication concerning your claim. I have located your information and will be escalating your concerns for additional review. Thank you for reaching out. ~Nekeysha

I'm interested to see how long they take to process your claim.  They have completly stopped all communication with me regarding my current claim, it is pathetic.  read my post on here for more.


Horrible experience with USAA total loss claims

USAA wanted me to contact the 2 other auto insurance companies involved in my accident and give them a statement.  I thought it was a very bizarre request, since I am a USAA member.  Someone reended my car and it was deemed a total loss, why would I give a statement to the insurance company of the person that hit me.

The accident happened in April, I was paid from my care in May.  Since April USAA has never contacted me regarding my claim.  They paid it out, but have not wanted to share any more information regaring my case.  It is now August and the claim still has not been completed.  

They are not very friendly and do not seem very knowledgeable regarding insurance claims


@SilasTahoe, I am sorry to hear about your auto accident in April. I am reviewing your claim and it appears that the statement was requested by the other insurance company so that all involved parties could complete their investigations. In regards to your concerns with the service, I am going to escalate this to the claims service manager to review and reach out to you. Thank you.

be careful about giving an official statement over the phone to 3rd party insurance companies, they will seek to use your own words against you and try to pin some of the blame on you.  I simply refered the 3rd party insurance to USAA and informed them that I gave my official statement to them.  USAA may also be saying for you to do that in hopes that you are indeed tripped up in your comments, that you somehow claim part of the blame in what you spoke to them so that they can pay you less that what you deserve for 100% not at fault situation.  You have some options, I recommend filing a complaint with your state insurance, google it, there is a process.  Another option is to consult legal counsel.  Each state can vary how insurance claims are handled and its important to know how your state handles them, knowing the specifics which are listed in the states legal documents, again found through the state insurance department.

I’m going through the same thing. They totaled my car on 8-17-2018 after my accident on 8-14-2018.
It was ME who had to call the body shop to find out the status of my auto.
I have had to do ALL the calling. USAA has been the worse experience in filing a claim.
Now they are lowballing me in a settlement saying the interior of my car is not in very good shape. I babied this car. I put towels down in the floor front and back. No one ever sat In the 2 years I owed it but they say all the seats, headliner are soiled.
Wrong insurance and nightmare since day 1!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

@Upsettonoend#, I replied to your initial message under the following link:  Thanks ~ Robert.