Disappointed with auto buying service. Took my TrueCar certificate showing a $3,599 savings off MSRP, and dealer offered only $2,100. My wife said, "Felt like a bait and switch." And it did. I would  expect a better experience from USAA.


I think if you do your homework, you will find USAA is not the problem, but rather, you might be interacting with a dealer that is playing by the rules. I had an issue w/ a dealer on my 2d of two experiences w/ USAA Car Buying Service, and found that USAA and TrueCar teamed to help rectify the situation and get my deal on track . . . in this case, TrueCar actually dealt with the dealership, and informed me when they had the problem settled . . . good luck on your homework and car buying experience.

Thanks for the feedback, RLSLAS. When you wrote "a dealer that is playing by the rules," did you mean, "a dealer that is NOT playing by the rules"? In any event, it's USAA's job  to police its partners, not mine.



Thank you so much for sharing in the community. When you get a moment, please send us an email to socialmedia@usaa.com, along with your member number and comment above. We will have someone review and get in touch with you. Thank you.

My email today to Lyndsey Andersons at TrueCar:

Hi Lyndsey,

I received a Sept. 28 email from you saying Mossy Toyota was no longer in the program. Today I received an email from USAA Dealer Update Alert for Oct. 11 which said, “Still interested in buying a new car?” It was accompanied by a certificate good at Mossy Toyota. Am I being lied to?