1SG Rick

I would like to get a quote for my autos and home.


Awesome 1SG Rick.  I have sent you a private message with some options on this for you and anxiously await your reply.  Click the drop down next to your name at the top right of the screen and select the envelope icon to view your inbox.  Thanks and have a great day!  -  Justin

I had USAA for years, just switched auto to one that  starts with a P and ends in rogressive  and saved over $600 every 6 months. Not a grudge post, wish they were competitive, bottom line is they are not.  Decent customer service, easy to pay, good app, outrageous pricing.


note: USAA wouldn't let me put a competitors name in my response.

Thank you for the feedback and I am sorry to hear we lost your auto insurance Chief. Having been here 23 years I have seen where a lower premium was quoted by another carrier and want to ensure you have a policy with the same coverage's. - Joseph

Thanks Joseph, 

Because all of us USAA memebrs must be uneducated and there would never be other options where there is BETTER and CHEAPER coverage available.  In 23 years, wow, USAA blew me off in 9.

Chief_Lee, your feedback is appreciated and I regret you feel this way. We hope you look to us in the future for your insurance needs as our rates are subject to change. Thank you. - Rhonda

Chief_Lee, I might be joining you in 3-4 months. I've been with USAA since the 1980s, but these days they're no longer as competitive as they want you to think.  I've had to remove some of my auto coverages (like PIP, increase deductibles, etc) to keep my premium increases acceptable, but that's not the way to go. No tickets or accidents--knock on wood. I'll take my homeowners policy as well. Have to agree with your earlier comment about the convenience of their monthly payments.  But then, it a good option for those who are on a fixed monthly income or can't afford to pay the premium upfront. Many of their CSRs do treat us as uneducated members--or what I like to say--kids that don't know any better. Unfortunately, I find it very unprofessional and indicative of the attitude experienced by many of us. I don't ask for special treatment--but at least be respectful of the decisions that we choose to make regarding our business dealings with USAA.