As a long time USAA member for over 50 years I have insured over 20 cars and actually purchased several cars with USAA and I have always enjoyed the experience until now.......recently I decided to use the new Car Buying Service and purchase a new auto and to use a baseball analogy we have struck out....even though I have been approved for a loan using the service is very difficult and confusing....local Tampa Bay dealers use different prices for the same car depending on their web site or the USAA service and they inundate the customer with phone calls, text messages and emails.....I do not blame the dealers as this is the auto industry after all but it is not easier using the Car Buying Service...in fact it is more confusing and complicated and not "user friendly" by any stretch of the imagination.....reviewing the comments on this Community Website validates my concerns and I do not want to be patronized with a comment like "we will look into it Commander Davis" if you get my drift.....thank you.....Dean Davis....



Hello @dodjr, I am very sorry to hear of your experience when using our Car Buying Service. I will forward your feedback regarding this. -Colleen



I am in Tampa and am experiencing the same frustration with the USAA car buying "service"...

As USAA system no longer allows us to specify the exact trim/options, at least USAA could provide us with (1) expected discount from MSRP, (2) expected discount from each option price, (3) guidance on what additional "fees" should be expected and their associated reasonable amounts (transportation, document processing, dealer "preperation", etc.).   Then I could at least make sense of all the offers.

I am confused what "service" is provided by the USAA car buying service...



@Since1979, Thank you for posting in the Member Community on this topic. We do appreciate the feedback on the car buying service. When we hear the same topic being brought to our community, it gets our attention. This is the perfect place to share what you like and dislike about the service and we do take action based on your feedback. We appreciate your time sharing your experience and the next step is to forward this to the appropriate area. Your a valued long term member and your opinion is of great importance. Thank you. ~ Suzy