end 40 years

As a USAA member for over 40 years, I need to share my disgust with the 19.5% increase for my Auto policy over the past year (never had an Auto claim!).

USAA is no longer the insurance company of the past. The new USAA business model is to spend millions on TV & other advertising to increase their policyholder numbers. Unfortunately, this business model comes with greater risks & costs that must be born by those of us that make no claims.

It is sincerely unfortunate, that I find myself shopping for a new insurance company for all my needs.


@end 40 years, I understand a premium increase is not what anyone wants to see. While insurance premiums are influenced by our overall loss experience, they also do reflect your own individual driving record or relationship with USAA. What I mean by this is if you have had no accidents or tickets, then the rate increase would have affected you less than policy holders that would have those incidents. Insurance is considered a shared risk. Even if you haven't had an accident or ticket, you still share the risk with every other USAA policyholder. We value your 40 year membership and the last thing we want is to see you go. If you haven't already done so, I would recommend a policy review to ensure all applicable savings, and to revisit coverage selections so that it best suits your needs at this time. I'm happy to help. To do so, please send a private message. To enable private messages select your username > My settings >Turn on private messages. Thank you. -Cynthia

Cynthia, first off, I would hope he understands that USAA members are in a shared pool. Insurance is based on risk of your area, among many other factors, that I realize, I also hope he doesn't also expect to get paid out for every claim at the same time or that he thinks everyone should get paid out all the time, this is why rates are higher. I do agree with him though that all the advertising is causing more financial strain than it is worth. I would be interested to see the numbers from before you started advertising and what the cost benefit truly is, that aside, rates going up as much as they have over the last year or two, INSANE! I moved to GEICO, which saved me almost 20%. Lastly, no one wants to review their policy and add to their financial burden, if they happen to have the bad luck of getting into an accident, when they have a clean driving record. This is what you mean below by policy review and I would recommend USAA stop trying to increase the burden on its members to lower their rates, especially because it seems USAA is like Oprah Winfrey,"You get paid out, you get paid out, everyone gets paid out!!!!!" Not my problem anymore, but those who continue to pay, will eventually leave because you use the excuse of pay outs to justify crushing us with increases the size that they are.

@jimmyb84, I'm sorry to hear we no longer hold your insurance and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I will ensure to forward your feedback to the appropriate area and hope for the opportunity to assist with your insurance needs in the near future. Thank you. -Cynthia