Auto Premium Discount - Insufficient for the times

The announced 20% reduction in auto premium for 2 months is appreciated - it is also insufficient for the times and as a "true-up" to risk.  There is little question that miles driven, and thus risk of loss to USAA, is down WAY more than 20%.  I believe that USAA, and all insurers, should not just be giving some of their savings from reduced travel back to members, but at least equal if not more given the challenges to members and their families.


Separately, but connected, as a commisioned officer for 12 years, and a >35 year member of USAA, I also miss the old USAA.  It's not just nostalgia, it is real and very tangible to those that have been with the company for that long.  I still feel, and will likely be, a "USAA member for life" - but it is disheartening to see the continual and suffocating advertising from USAA all over the media.  That is money that should spent on SERVICE to those who have served.  Stop trying to be, or even worse being, Liberty, Allstate, State Farm, etc.  You should be different, and you don't feel very different anymore.


Thomas McLoughlin


Hello @TMcL it's been an honor to have served your financial needs for over 35 plus years.  We truly appreciate your loyalty and sharing your feedback with us, as I have forwarded your comments to the appropriate area to be further reviewed.  Thank you again for your membership and service, we hope we are able to bring back that nostalgia feeling back.  ~ Marco

Thomas, I also remember being invited to USAA as a Cadet, just removed my SGT strips and miss those days of yesteryear. Let's cut down or out all the media ads everywhere, members are USAA's best marketing system and this may just also help to lower cost overall.


Just wondering what is the current demographics of our members?

Commission Officers

Warrant Officers



Member through family connection: Kids that have not served?

I too came to USAA as a cadet back in the early-mid 1980s. Many of the cadets in my detachment also came in with USAA. I remember when it was easy to talk to someone to get a loan and they were extremely helpful--no computers or internet to get information. They followed up with you on everything. Remember credit card protection and benefits were also great. Yep, those days are long gone. They've gotten so big that they feel they need to spend millions in adverts to either get more people to join or make current members feel good about their decision to stay. In the last few years, some of their adverts have started to stretch the truth about their responsiveness and support. 🤔 They know that many long-time members will just bite the bullet and stay despite the higher premiums--mainly because they don't want to take the time to research alternatives and make the move. I had everything with USAA until about 3-4 yrs ago. The only thing I have left is my auto/homeowners insurance. My current policies already carry high deductibles, and vehicles (ranging 14-19 yrs old) carry no PIP coverages or extras. I may be looking elsewhere depending on the upcoming premium renewal for both policies. Only time will tell.

I agree!

Plus yearly premiun increases. My wife is after me to switch to another company, its getting harder to justify staying. Does USAA want to loose policy holders

USAA has badly dropped the ball here. What a way to treat vets, especially given the times. Earlier today, I had a support agent tell me that there will be a small one time discount in the future.  Not 20%. Not two months, one. But not this or even next month.  The disrespect clearly starts at the top and flows down to the rank and file. USAA's shameful attempt to create the false narrative that the company is doing its part during these extremely times illustrates just how greedy they have become. Absolutely shameful.