Here is the letter I wrote to the General Manager...buyer beware.
I spoke to Peter Cramer on the phone and set up an appointment to see the car, take it for a test drive and speak about purchase.  Our appointment was for 1330.  I arrived at the appointed time and spoke to the receptionist, she did not know where Peter was, but called and left a message on his answering machine.  At 1400 my wife and I went outside and walked around, we did not see the car.  At 1415 we went back inside.  The receptionist went to look for Peter again, but couldn't find him. She found Scott and asked if he could help.  We told him why we were there and that we had an appointment to see the Audi and take it for a test drive.  He said he would get the keys.  He came back approximately 10 minutes later and said that "someone had reserved the car about an hour ago."  I was nearly speechless at what I was hearing so I had to clarify, I had an appointment to see this specific car with one of the dealers, but someone else reserved the car I had made an appointment to see?  The answer: yes; making an appointment does not reserve the car.  We went to my car, Peter appeared at my window and blamed someone for not letting him know we were there, but reiterated the policy that making an appointment to see a car does not reserve the car. 
If this is your policy, it is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard of.   Making an appointment with a dealer to see a specific car and someone else takes it out for an hour, this is customer service to whom?  I drove over an hour to see this car and someone else is allowed to reserve it?  Not to mention your Internet Service Manager Peter makes an appointment with someone and never checks with the receptionist to see if his appointment checked in, then blames others for not getting him when they left a message for over an hour?  This is the most dismal display of customer service and incredulous policy making I have ever heard of.  
You advertise your vehicles on USAA which means you "appear" to want to service veterans who have put their life on the line for our freedom; apparently it is just another avenue for business, not a true desire to help our military members.  I will be contacting USAA and ask them to never do business with your company or let you advertise your vehicles on their site.