I went through the USAA car buying service and was able to negotiate a deal with Auto Nation Honda Chandler.  I put down a good faith deposit which was charged to my credit card.  I received an email with the VIN number and verbiage that indicated the car would be held for 48 hours.  They sold the car out from under me.  In addition they charged $500 instead of the agreed upon, and documented $250.


This dealer may be a USAA certified dealership, but don't do deals with them unless you are there at the lot and sitting in the car.





Yikes! I am very sorry to hear that this dealership has done this, very frustrating indeed.


I would like to see if there is anything we could help with. Please click here and provide the details you mentioned above. Someone will review and be reaching out to you shortly, if something can be done. Thank you!