Auto Loans

There was a time that I would never have consider an auto loan from another financial institution. However, USAA isn’t even competitive. I purchased a new vehicle a few days ago. USAA is offering 3.19% with automatic payments from a USAA account. The dealership financed me through a local credit union with a 1.95 rate, and discounted it to 1.85 because of my credit rating. USAA has reached a point of taking, but not giving back, i.e., 34 cents on a substantial checking account. But, in fairness, USAA has to pay for their TV adds that seem to run 24 hours non-stop, as well as their sponsorship of NFL & Collegiate football games. Greed is the new king.
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We are sorry you feel this way but appreciate your feedback. I will ensure your comments are forwarded to the appropriate team. Thanks for speaking up today. - Jason