Has anyone experienced the same problem Im having.  Trying to buy a new car.  They keep telling me the value is the Base Price MSRP.  The actual MSRP is thousands more as with almost every new car to account for  upgrade packages installed by the manufacturer, again almost every new car has 2 MSRP's.  The base (and hardly anyone buys base models anymore) or the actual MSRP.   I went through this almost 2 years ago with another vehicle I bought new.  They did the same thing.  I had to call about 6 or 7 times over a 2 week period, and talk to different people before I found someone who acknowledged the "actual MSRP" not the "base MSRP".   Im not having that luck this time.  I submitted a written complaint this time, asked for clarification of the policy, after a week I still have not received a reply.  This company is great about almost everything.  Buying a used car is fairly straight forward.  But buying a new car is almost not worth it.  I dont know if they arent knowledable about their policy or why there is such a disconnect on establishing value.  I saw a message from another writer elsewhere that commented how USAA appears not to be thwe same caring member owned company as in the past.  I am only recently starting to see that.  Anyone had a problem like this.  How did you resolve it.  Did you have the same problems getting any response. 


FastEddy, I can see your frustration in regards to your auto loan experience. We want to ensure your concerns are reviewed and address with you. We will engage the appropriate team to review this matter further. Please be assured we will follow up with you to discuss. Thank you. - Rhonda

As someone who has bought several new cars over the past few years with most of them financed with USAA, I can tell you that I've had this exact issue a few different times. It makes absolutely no sense, especially when some cars have upwards of 6K to 10K in options.  I eventually got the loan officer to agree to use the actual number on the window sticker and I had to fax it to them. It was ridiculous.


The last car I bought was financed with the dealership because they beat the APR offered by USAA and matched the price of GAP (which is a really good deal with USAA).


Good luck





Just thought I would keep you guys updated.  Over 10 days now and still no reply to my original letter or my post here about my new car loan.  Take that back, they obviously have someone on here who continously replies to our posts.  They say they dont want us to have a bad experience and they say they care, but thats all whitewash on the rotten fence.  The USAA picture is becoming very clear to me now.  They have no organized structure to deal with internal problems and make decisions. They certainly have no ability to provide any feedback to issues.  USAA is good when things are good but they are horrible when things go wrong.  And this is life and things go wrong.  Good luck guys Im going to remove myself from USAA.