Auto Loans No Longer on Par w/ Credit Union Rates

I've been a loyal multi-account member with USAA a long time. I used to trust in USAA providing me with the best rates for auto loans until I started hearing friends tell me they had better terms through various credit unions (and even in-house financing theoufh dealerships).

My wife recently joined USAA through me and when comparing rates found a credit union nearly 2% better on same vehicle. I am now in the market for another vehicle again and am seeing credit union rates a full 1-1.5% better for model years much older than the paraeters set by USAA. We would love to keep all of our loans and accounts with USAA however, sadly, it makes more sense for us to use another option when the savings are that substantial.

With excellent credit, and a long membership history, it would only make sense for USAA to match the rates offered by competitors. However, this does not seem to be the case.


Hello and thank you for sharing your feedback concerning our auto loan rates. We certainly try our best to be competitive with the products and services we offer. Unfortunately there are times when we will not have the lowest annual percentage rate to meet our members financing needs. Although it is disappointing that we can't keep your business with us, we do understand that finding the best value for your family is what’s most important. As far as matching rates unfortunately we do not offer a rate matching program to accommodate your request. I would like to congratulate you and your wife on your auto purchase's and I hope we will be able to earn your auto financing business in the future. Take care! - Darrell