Auto Loans - Deceptive and Misleading

I'm really not sure what has happened by USAA has gone downhill.  My family has been USAA Members for over 50 years.  We applied for an auto loan and were approved for an interest rate of 3.94% and 114K.  We were then asked to select a loan term with variable interest up to 4%; depending on loan terms.  We chose a shorter term for the 3.94%. On calling to fund our loan, the first agent told us they would only fund 50K of our 114,000 pre-approval.  I called back again and the rep said that was wrong and that they will fund 104K of the 114,000 we were approved for.  My wife and I were purchasing a Tesla Model X.  Retail value is over 130K and resale value is the same due to the demand for used cars.  During the funding process, the rep then changed the interest rate to 8%.  Yes, over a 100% increase in the interest rate, claiming the terms changed due to collateral value..... Really, this just sounds like a scam to pressure vets into an impulse purchase paying a higher interest rate.  How can you be any more deceptive and misleading to veterans?  The is purely a scam and goes against the very thing veterans value, which is trust.  I can no longer trust USAA for me and my family.  I have never had a bank attempt to pull a scam like this...  Before you consider USAA for an auto loan, look at the online reviews about this very topic.  There are 100's of 1-star reviews on this very topic.  The only mistake I made was trusting USAA when I should have looked at the online reviews first.

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@Raiden, we would want the opportunity to review this situation in detail. I will forward your post to the appropriate team. As painful as it is for us to read, I can understand your frustration and want to be sure we give it the attention in needs. Thank you for reaching out. ~Suzy

USAAs's action on this is beyond belief. Treating a long term "member" in a fraudulent manner is mind blowing and sickeningly destroys all "members" trust. I wish this   " member" the best and appreciate this being reported.