I am a forty-six-year member of USAA and very happy with the support its staff and services have given me and my family over that time. They have taken care of us and our banking and insurance needs around the world. I am now at a point where my membership is in jeopardy.

On February 26, 2016, we activated a loan for a new car. I contacted USAA and was given the information on that loan: I also at that time took out the Total Loss Coverage on the loan.

I provided USAA the auto information, the VIN, mileage, and Dealer information as requested by USAA. I was told by the USAA individual that our loan was approved for $30,234.08 for 72 months; our payment would be $491.74 to start on April 26, 2016 and the APR was 5.3392. I was told to go to the dealership and give them this information. I did just that and drove out our new Buick Encore on that day turning our Toyota RAV4 to them.



I contacted the Dealer Finance Manager, Joe Smith at Carl Black Kennesaw on March 4, 2016 because the loan on our RAV4, which we traded in was still showing up as active on my USAA account and the new loan was showing Pending. He told me that they had heard nothing from USAA.

I then contacted USAA and was told that the loan information given to me was incorrect. That it should have been $23,548.00 instead of the $29,965.08 ($30,234.08 after adding Total Loss Protection) and that I must come up with the difference $6686.08. This is an impossible situation.

I no longer have the RAV4 but I have a loan on it with USAA. I now have a new car which is owned by the dealership and the loan to purchase this new car is invalid.

I was told on March 4, 2016 by a USAA employee that a Loan Manager would call me before close of business and I was not contacted.

I would like to request that USAA stand behind their mistake and give my family the loan for $30,234.08 for the 2015 Buick Encore. This will pay off the RAV4 loan and allow us to move on.

I am very disappointed in USAA with this loan. It was approved and then not approved. This is no way to operate and request that your office look into this, how and why it happened and get my loan approved for the $30,234.00.


Buckets Evansville,


Thank you for your 46 years of membership. I have asked a bank team member to review this and reach out to you directly in order to assist. Thank you again.