I can tell you that the shine is definitely off the Apple with USAA after 35 years. My vehicle was a total loss in mid September. I looked to USAA to help me finance another vehicle. I was turned down in less than 30 seconds by their computer algorithm. This is despite not having had any late payments in over 10 years. And the fact that I had paid off several vehicles during that same period. How ironic was it that I was able to walk into the dealership on 9/30/2019 and get a loan in 15 minutes or so from PNC bank with a modest down payment of $2000 on a one year old Ford F150 Platinum with 11,200 miles at $6000 below Kelley Blue Book?

And this, where USAA had treated me like a dead beat. Unable to pay his bills. I miss the days when this company actually took the time to talk to people and treated them like they cared. Computer algorithms making credit decisions on real people's lives and screwing them over. This is not the USA this old Marine mustang joined in 1983 while a MECEP at The Citadel.

Maybe bringing in everyone who has heard of the military was a mistake.


@DevilDawg79, This isn't at all how we want you to feel nor the experience we want you to have. We appreciate your service and your loyalty for 35 years.  I am forwarding your concerns to be reviewed by a subject matter expert now. Thank you ~Tom

So, I purchased a Lexus GL460 from my local Northside Dominion Lexus dealership 2 years ago and had it finance through Toyota financial at 10.5%. I thought It would be a great idea to refinance it through USAA today; who I've been with for over 20+ years and have multiple products. I was so excited that I was approved using their online application tool until I looked at my listed options. Why would you even consider approving a Veteran's application with those ridiculous rates? I would have felt better with a denial, but this is simply ROBBERY!