in 2014 I helped my now ex husband refinance his vehicle by putting my name on the loan. However USAA never received a title from his bank that originally gave him the loan for the car. I never knew this until we separated and he mentioned he had the title in his possession somehow. USAA always reached out to him to inquire about the title and he never mentioned there was an issue. How would USAA approve this loan without any sort of title documentation? And now Im screwed because at the divorce hearing he was court ordered to fix the title and refinance the car in his name only which he did not do so now Im facing repossession of a vehicle that 1. I dont have any rights to on a title and 2. he wont even tell me where the car is or provide proof he still has it in TX. The only way to enforce anything is to hire an attormey after i just spent $10k on one to do up the original court order that he doesnt even care to abide by. I have been a member for 16 years and just feel helpless but I cant help but wonder how the loan got approved in the first place with no title??


@frustratedinmd, thank you for sharing your concerns in the Community. We definitely want to look into this and ensure your concerns are appropriately addressed. I have located your information and forwarded your concerns for further review. A specialist will follow-up with you. Thank you for your 16 year membership and the opportunity to address your concerns. Tricia