What has happened to USAA?  For over 40 years I have been a member of USAA.  I recently used their car buying service to purhcase a vehicle.  I have had to speak with no less then 6 reps over 5 days to use this "easy" buying service.    I have spoken with 2  more customer service reps yesterday just on this error which is THEIR fault and I still cannot get it fixed.  The collateral they are showing on my new loan is my TRADE-IN....not the new vehicle.  Anyone have ANY ideas how to get them to listen and respond?  Worst mistake I ever made was using their car buying service. Turned a great deal and a dream vehicle into a nightmare.   I wonder whats going to happen when the vehicle is registrated in my home state and USAA gets the title and its not the same as on the collateral?   Maybe USAA is getting too big to provide good service to its members anymore.  


Fixn2gocamp, I'm sorry to hear of your recent experience, we know buying a new car is a big feat and want to make it as smooth as possible. I have shared your situation with a colleague who will review and reach out to you as soon as possible. - Janay

To update this thread in fairness to USAA, I finally managed to reach a lady named Allie, who was in Loan Origination.  She finally explained exactly what had happened, and NO ONE to that point had told me what was really going on.  USAA did not make the mistake, they should have caught it probably, but they did not make the collateral mistake.  It was sent in on a preliminary form from the dealer that way.  If someone at USAA would have just told me that, we could have cleared it up way sooner!   Allie explained it, fixed it and ensured I had the original document as well as something telling me it would be fixed.  And a few days later, it was.   Kudos to Allie for stepping up and realizing that just because I'm a customer, I'm not brainless.  I'm also happy it was not USAA's fault on that item.  Customer service still lacked on this one. However, a lady from the CEO's office has reached out to us on that issue.  

Fixn2gocamp, I appreciate hearing the outcome of this matter. It's unfortunate that due to an oversight you did not have the best experience with us. I will be sure to share your post with Allie to thank her for helping resolve this matter. As always we appreciate hearing from our members especially when there are areas of improvement that can be made. Take care and enjoy your new vehicle. - Rhonda