I applied for an auto loan with USAA, they approved me for the loan with an interest rate of 13.9%.  I called my credit union and was approved through them for 3.9%.  When I called back and asked why they had such a high rate for an auto loan I was lied to by the rep who told me that I had a Federal Tax Lien from the VA on my credit.  I called all three credit reporting agencies and was told that I had no such lien on my credit.  I again called USAA and got an different rep who told me that since I was divorced from the Military member that the rate I was given would be the best they could do.  I said you won't match my credit union? He said no that I should go with the credit union. Unbelieveable!  I have been a USAA member for over 25 years and this treatment was crazy.  Needless to say I went with the Credit Union for financing.  Sad they treat others like this as well from what I am reading on here. 



Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We would like the opportunity to review your situation and take a second look at your auto loan rate. If you could please send us your information using this form, we will have someone reach out to you. Thank you.

No thank you, I have already secured a loan with the credit union, who gave me no issues. The loan was done in 24 hours and their customer service was outstanding.  I have found that everytime I request something from USAA other than insurance related, I get the run-a-round.  If you're not the Military member you don't get the best of service.  Even though we are divorced, I spent 29 years serving as the spouse of that Military person.  Which accounts for nothing with USAA.


Thank you for your update. As a fellow military spouse, I am so sorry to hear you feel that way. If there is anything I can do or further assist you with please let me know. Thank you again for posting.