I decided to use USAA loan services for my out of state auto purchase. I've been with USAA since the 90's and have had little to no trouble with them. So i spoke with a representative on how the loan would work since the vehicle I will ber puchasing is out of state. He explained apply for loan, receive obtain dealer funding request, fill out application with dealer and dealer would be funded within 24 hours. I asked how the sales tax, title, and licensing would work. He explained have the dealer note on the application buyer will be providing sales tax, and licensing,titling fees and would like to be refunded. He stated USAA will refund up to 2% of sale price for the sales tax. I thought okay that helps with some the out of pocket expenses. So while I was at the dealership we called a USAA representative so the dealer would know what to place on the application so I could be refunded and was explained the same thing to place a note on the application. So I decided to call USAA a week later to verify everything with the loan was in place and complete. I asked if they had sent out the check for the sales tax and they told me they have never heard of such a thing. I originally spoke with 2 different representative's in the beginning and got the same answer on the sales tax refund before purchasing the vehicle. This time it took 45min on the phone and aprox. 8 different representative's to tell me they have never heard of this and told me the only thing I could do was to refinance the Loan. Who refinances a loan after one week? With the inconsistency and unprofessionalism of their accuracy of information I received, I will be slowly pulling my services out of USAA and placing them elsewhere. Although the customer service personnel are very polite and try to be very helpful. Their knowledge of auto loan business is not up to par. So be cautious and get everything in writing.    




Thank you for sharing your experience in the Community. This is not at all the level of service we expect for our members obtaining an auto loan. I would like to have someone review your experience and reach out to address your concerns. I have taken this opportunity to share your comments with a colleague in the auto loan area. They will reach out to discuss your concerns. I hope we are able to restore your trust in USAA. Thank you. -Gus

I hope they can also!