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I was very disappointed with a recent encounter with USAA’s auto loan service. I have been loyal customer with USAA for over 17 years I have financed a house purchased two cars and currently have homeowners and car insurance them as well. I recently wanted to take advantage of the car loan and auto financing program which is offered through USAA which offered if you use their program you get financed for and auto loan with terms up to 72 months @ 2.99 APR when purchasing a 2017 or newer model. The goal was to purchase a 2018 Honda CRV. I imagine since I was a loyal customer with Credit score of 780, I would have qualified for the 2.99 APR……Not. As a loyal customer I was offered 6.49 APR for 84 months and 5.49 APR for 72 months this is a long way from 2.99 APR that is mentioned on the lock in your rate page I guess my question is for USSA is the lower rate given on a first come first serve basis?  Or do you pick and choose who you would like to give that rate too? We called USSA from the dealership and the USAA loan representative we got on the phone did not care how long we have been a customer and could not explain why we could not get a better rate that was what USAA was offering take it or leave it.  To make a long story short I was very disappointed in USAA because have had such great customer service in the past. Well we presented our case to Fort Campbell Credit Union and they immediately financed the vehicle for us at 4.0 APR yes, it is still far from the 2.99 APR USAA is advertising however at least they worked with us. I am very disappointed in USSA and the way that they handled the situation I would expect this from other financial institutions but not USAA.

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I too recently had the same experience. I was quoted over the phone 3.0%, my credit rating is a stellar 823, and I was given lame excuses as to why they are offering me a loan at 5.09%


What a joke.... USAA is apparently a bucket of empty promises.


By the way, you should check out a company that rythmes with "Scho-smess-ive" (I can't type the name of the company because I literally get an error when pressing "post") for auto insurance, they beat USAA for us on pricing with the same coverage.

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I'm glad it worked for you. With a little work/effort--you can find what works for you. Some of these financial institutions don't count on most of their customers to take the time but just accept what's given to them. I think that's plain wrong when there are lot of organizations trying to get or keep your business. A few years ago, I ran into the same deceptive website promotions while in the market for a new car.  I tried using their their online tool to find the right vehicle and thought I had also found one of their competitive rates. After several minutes and a couple of calls--my excitement turned into disappointment. Yes--I had paid off my house, several cars and had a credit score in the 800s. Their rates got inflated pretty quickly once you started talking to someone in their loan department. I started to believe that USAA was just trying to see how effective it's online ads were in getting people to call in just to hook in with another pitch. You would think that with the low interest rates they pay out (for some time now) on their checking/savings/CDs products--they would at least offer more competitive interest rates on their loan products. No--they'll tell you that "their rates are among some of the most competitive in the market." If you're that gullible to believe that--then they've succeeded in their job by keeping you and your business (in other areas) from leaving. I ended up financing one vehicle with a dealership and the other with my credit union. Both were between 2%-2.49%. Much better rates all round. My credit union (of 40+yrs) gave me the usual discount options for things like anniversary membership longevity, direct deposit, multiple products, auto-pay and a few others to make the rate more attractive. In return, I paid them my loyalty by moving all my banking/retirement assets to them pretty much terminating my 30+yr banking relationship with USAA.