I am sad to say but am really disappointed in USAA Auto Loans services. I recently bought a car and ran into mechanical issues. The dealership ended up buying the car back giving me all my money back as the costs were too high. With this situation I had no car and needed to shop for another one but couldn't get approved for another auto loan with USAA even with them knowing my pending situation. I had to rent a car in the mean time pleading to USAA to help me out as it was not my fault that I had to give the car back and have to wait for a "paperwork process" for this loan to close out to apply for another one. So I decided to go to a car dealership and explain my situation and they called the dealer I returned the car back to verify my situation. They understood my situation and went ahead and pre approved me for a auto loan and even gave me a lower interest rate than USAA. I will never go through USAA to buy another car and slowly starting to believe that USAA is not always the best option to help out "us military members".


Thanks for reaching out, JB24. I regret to hear of the decision on your recent loan application, as this is never how we want you to feel. I've provided your feedback to our team that reviews all member comments for areas of opportunity. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. - Cathleen

I made this decision as USAA gave me no other option to even consider your business as I will never again in consider your auto loans and educate my troops and coworkers that there is better options than your service.