My husband and I are both USAA customers.  We are looking to purchased a vehicle soon, and I have a question.  I have exellent credit, and my husband's credit is not so good.  I am looking to boost his credit by wanting to put the auto loan in his name.  If I co-sign the loan, will this help the interest rate USAA will issue or will the interest rate be based solely off my husband's credit report/score?


Thanks for any advice in advance. Thanks!


I use to work at car dealership for loans in general not sure if usaa is included in this but if you have excellent credir and husband not so much you should still be able to get a really good rate if your in the 700+ and he is <600 you should get at least 4 to 5%. Hopes this helps, goodluck with everything.
Compare what rate you would get alone vs. with your spouse.

A safer way to help him build credit would be for you to apply for a USAA credit card and then, after approval, request to add him as a joint owner.

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I am not a financial expert, but our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS answered a similar question from another member about building their spouse's credit:


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I went through the same issue with my wife ussa would not touch her for any type of loan so what I did was add her as a user on my credit card!!!! It worked I set back a watched her credit score shoot up buy 150 points in 9 months then I did a refince on my car with her name and me as a co singer had to do it through Wells Fargo then then later I hope to refinance through USAA had to pay about two points and interest to financed through Wells Fargo but it was worth it to build her credit next year she will be able to buy whatever she wants on her own !!!!!!