Go to a dealership to purchase 2 cars for my sons. Called and completed the first loan and then started working on the second. Was told that 80% LTV on the second vehicle would be $16,950  but then had to hang up to compete something eles. Called back to continue second loan and got another person who then tells me that the 80% LTV on $16,950 would be $13,560. I know the first person I talked to gave me the $16,950 from another number so everything looked good. I ended up walking off the lot without either vehicle. I guess if you should stick to one person when doing deals like this.




We appreciate you taking the time to post about your loan experience. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional service and I regret we let you down. We would like an opportunity to review this matter for you. We will engage a member of our team to follow up with you as soon as possible. Thank you. - Rhonda

Thanks for posting to our Community. I tried to contact you at the phone number on file, but wasn't able to reach you. I've sent a secured email to your online message center in reply. To access it, simply click your name, select Alerts & Actions and scroll down to Notifications. - Cathleen