Auto Loan Funding Department

Are any other members having problems with Auto Loan funding? We were preapproved for an auto loan and found a truck we wanted to buy last week. After paying a $12,000 down payment and providing the dealer with the information letter that USAA provided we are awaiting funding from the USAA for delivery. On the letter it states that if the form os submitted before 4pm cst then the funds will be sent the same day. However, it’s been a week and the dealership has submitted the paper three times with no success. We keep calling the Auto Loan department and they keep saying we can see that all the paperwork is complete bet we are still awaiting funding. We then ask for the number to funding but they are in some mysterious location with no number and cannot be bothered apparently. Any suggestions. I have paid for 1/3 of a truck but cannot get it delivered until USAA finds the rest. I wish I Had a funding department that was always late on my truck payments that I could blame for neglecting their responsibilities.
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OH Yes Yes Yes....Same issue.  Funding now takes 2 business days not as stated on the webpage.  And don't have the documnets resent as that resets the 2 day clock.  Still shaking my head.  I hope this all worked out for you

@wrspbs, this is a concerning post. I would like to see that your information gets to the appropriate area to review. We appreciate you reaching out to our member community to try to get information. I can understand your concern and will move this to the correct area. Thank you. ~ Suzy

Thank you Suzy, I was contacted today by the administrative assistant of the Vice President over consumer loans, I believe. She was kind as I provided her the details of my attempt to purchase a vehicle. After finishing she ask me to hold while she checked on the status of my loan. She returned with the good news that all the paperwork was in order and that the funds would be sent in 24 to 48 hours. I was stunned. Why is it that when I applied for the loan and received the approval document to give to the dealer it states, “funds available the same day if submitted before 4pm CST.” When in actuality the completed paperwork was submitted over a week ago and it is still going to take 24 to 48 hours. I was baffled but by now I am so disappointed in USAA I don’t know what to do. After the phone call I anxiously awaited for the funding to occur. However, as of today the funds still haven’t arrived, so I’m guessing it will be closer to 48 hours. Honestly, I believe that USAA has decided to save money by outsourcing their funding department or have cut them back on staffing that they are unable to keep up. It seems to me that business from the funding department only happens at night because status changes only occur in the morning. For example, I received my addendum last night at 12:43am. That’s why I think you are unable to talk to them. Please think before using USAA to purchase a car. Be aware that you will not be able to get the car from the dealer for 24 to 48 hours, at least! More like a week in most cases. If you want it same day then use another financial institute.

I feel your pain