I’ve been a member of USAA for nearly 10 years. I was just denied for a refinance loan that I currently have with Capital One. Requested $24k. I’ve had my current loan for almost 2 years (originally borrowed $35k). My credit has drastically improved since that time. I just don’t understand how they undervalue long-standing membership and ignore my request for reconsideration. They asked, “have you tried refinancing with Capital One instead?” What kind of joke is this?!? Capital One extended a higher principal balance to me 2 years ago when my credit was much worse than it is today. I expected much more support from USAA on this. Instead they brushed me off. “We look at a number of factors when considering extending credit to our members.” My response was, “I’m 100% positive that Capital One makes the same exact considerations and they extended themselves much further.” I’ve over-paid on every single payment to Capital One and haven’t missed a single payment. Maybe I should move ALL of my business to Capital One since they seem to have confidence in my business. I’ve held a checking and savings with USAA for nearly 10 years. Not to mention my credit card with them. None of this makes any bit of sense and they couldn’t even make a valid argument for why I was denied. Makes no sense at all. Thanks USAA, you won’t be missed.


@Chris757, I see that you posted twice today. My colleague is in the process of responding to your first post. Please review that message at your convenience. Thank you. ~DC