So I'm looking for a new vehicle and thought I would again try to give USAA my business, USAA advertises in big letters 2.99 % financing if you have exceptional credit, which I do.  Transunion 829, the other 826.  I guess there is some small print I missed somewhere.  Start the loan app and I'm given about 4% APR, the APR for someone with Good Credit.  Call and ask what the issue is, spend about an hour on the phone and I guess I shamed them down, or they just got tired of talking to me, about .5 % to 3.49%.  A lot of discussion it turns out that if I understand them because I owe no money on any credit cards, and I haven't asked for credit in a while this counts against me.  It didn't count against my FICO score, but USAA didn't like it.

16 Years with them, a near perfect credit score, a large amount of money with them in checking, savings and investments, and they dissed me.  The other Military Credit union in my area is happy to have my business at 2.99%, possibly 2.49% with automatic deduction, I guess they trust me or my credit score.

Bait and Switch Example-You go to a store to buy a new television advertised at a great price, you get there and they don't have that model, but they have a newer one that is better and more expensive they would be happy to sell you.


USAA Insurance is awsome though, never been able to get a lower rate anywhere.


Hello and I'm sorry to hear about your concern regarding the annual percentage rate you received for your auto loan financing request. Based on the feedback you have provided I will forward your concern to the appropriate department for additional review. Thank you and we look forward to following up to you!  ~ Suzy