I was going through the auto loan application online and is the Co Applicant the same as a co signer? If not how do I go about having a  slot for a co signer on the auto loan application?





You should call them during business hours to discuss.  


Normally a co-applicant is not the same as a co-signer.  The difference lies in who benefits from the loan.  The co-applicant shares liability and the proceeds from the loan, the co-signer just shares liability.

That's what I thought. As I saw the definitions on the USAA page however I wanted to see if there was a cosigner location on the online application. As I am trying to purchase another car but my own credit is newly built, hence the need for a cosigner.

Dear GBradbeer,

I have your question in to an expert and will update when I have an answer! Thank you for posting!

Awesome! Thanks for the update.

Sorry for the delay! Here is an expert answer!
First, USAA uses the terms individual or joint application rather than co-signer.
If a joint application, the terms we use are primary and co-applicant. There is no difference who benefits from the loan, both parties are financially responsible for the loan.  (The co-applicant shares liability and the proceeds from the loan.)
Lastly, we use the term Third Party, which means an individual would only be listed as an owner on the title/registrations but not an applicant.  The Third Party would sign a Third Party Pledge agreement and be responsible for the vehicle not the loan.   (The co-signer just shares liability)
DSTEXAS, again, thank you for your insightful and helpful response!
GBradbeer, I hope the term's USAA uses makes this a bit clearer for you now! Thank you!




That really didn't answer his question "If not how do I go about having a  slot for a co signer on the auto loan application?".


My take based on your response is that USAA doesn't allow someone to co-sign, they have to be primary/co-applicant.  There is a difference.