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 Let me begin by saying I have been a USAA member for close to 35 years.  At the beginning of September my daughter was hit while away at college.The other driver left the scene of the accident after providing his insurance information.  My daughter called the police and was informed that they only respond if there are injuries involved.  Clearly from the damage, the other party was at fault yet I am being held responsible for my $250 deductible even though my daughter was clearly the victim.  As a retired law enforcement officer, when the evidence does coincide with the statement being provided, that statement is no longer credible and is disregarded.   The fact that the evidence clearly shows my daughter was hit by the other individual in the rear of the car.  His statement that she ran a red light is clearly in direct contradiction of what the evidence shows and clearly his statement should be discarded.  It does not take a rocket scientist to see that.   He clearly is lying and should not be rewarded for his negligence and complete disregard of the truth, yet he is.  This system needs to be changed.
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Thank you @Agrpalmer for your longtime membership with USAA.   I hope your daughter is okay from the recent accident and know we fully get your concerns regarding what is happening with your daughter's claim.  I am forwarding your feedback and concerns the appropriate team to further review and address on your behalf, once received/reviewed our team will engage if any additional information is needed.  ~Marco